Technical Partners

At Global Tides Energy services we pride ourselves by not only providing our clients with the best services available, but also by ensuring they receive the best products available in the market; For this reason we in partnership with some of the most renowned Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs) around the world. Some of these OEMs include:

GeoGem Limited

GeoGem Limited is a British company specializing in the design and manufacture of high
performance diamond drilling tools for the Oil and Geothermal Drilling, Civil Engineering, Geotechnical and Mining Industries.

The company produces a wide range of drilling products including diamond core bits and drill bits, casing shoes, reaming shells, tube drills and junk mills, manufactured to strictest quality standards and used around the world in a great variety of applications..

The company works closely with her sister company Archway Engineering (UK) Limited who manufactures a very wide range of drilling equipment which complements her wide range of drilling bits.

Archway Engineering (UK) Limited

A sister company of Geogem, Archway is one of UKs leading manufacturer of drilling equipments. They manufacture a very wide range of drilling equipment which includes: core barrels, tungsten carbide and diamond core bits, tricone and PDC rock bits and drag bits, casing tubes, drill rods, drillstring accessories, soil sampling equipment, "competitor" drive sampling rigs, shell & auger casing and tools and borehole packers.

In addition, Archway designs and manufactures special one-off products to customer requirements. Archway supplies drilling equipments to major drilling companies throughout the world. With over 40 years experience, the name Archway has become associated with top quality drilling equipments and first class customer service.

Richards Industries

Richards Industries is the parent company of six distinct industrial product lines: regulators and control valves from Jordan Valve; sanitary regulators and control valves from Steriflow Valve; ball valves and automated products from Marwin Valve; high pressure - extreme low flow regulators from LowFlow Valve; instrument valves and manifolds from Hex Valve; steam traps and steam specialty equipment from Bestobell Steam Traps.

Richards Industries is a leading provider of a variety of industrial valves for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Other sectors include paper products, tire and rubber, machinery and electrical equipment, transportation equipment and energy industries.
The company is dedicated to finding new ways to improve her manufacturing processes, her existing products, creating new products, reaching new markets and responding faster to her customers' needs.


The company has over 50 years of successful experience in the manufacture and design of GRE/GRP pipe systems and other specialised liquid transmission systems.

The company's GRE/GRP filament wound pipes are manufactured of Polyester-Vinylester- or Epoxy-resin and glass fiber rovings. The automated production process is followed by hot curing thus ensuring high and constant mechanical strength.

The pipes are available in standard product range with a nominal diameter of 25-2000mm for pressure classes 6, 10 and 16 bar (larger diameters and alternative pressure classes are available on request).

Fiberdur filament-wound pipes are supplied with integral bell and spigot ends. This design allows fast installation in the case of long and mainly straight runs both for buried and over ground applications.

Fiberdur also supplies Navicon pipes which are specifically suitably for applications in zones of high explosion risk in the chemical industry, and especially in the shipbuilding industry. Navicon piping is manufactured from epoxy or vinylester resin using the cross-filament process and includes a barrier for chemical protection. Conductivity is optimised by the addition of a special carbon-based additive. Surface resistance is <106 Ohm/m.

Fiberdur also provides pre-insulated corrosion-proof THERMOTHAN® pipeline systems for the conduction of hot water or condensate in long distance energy supply systems, as well as thermal waters and hot and cold media in process engineering.

Seah Steel Corp

Seah is a world acclaimed manufacturer of Carbon Steel line pipes and OCTG including tubings, casings and a long list of pipes. Their Steel mills are approved by all multinational oil companies including SHELL, TOTAL, AGIP, SAUDI ARAMCO etc. Their mills are also DNV and Bureau Veritas approved in addition to API and Lloyd's approvals.

Prolock Valve Lockout Limited

Pro-lock, Valve lockout is a Universal system that can complement or even replace high priced security seals, padlocks and chains. Ideal for the isolation of most types of valves, industrial machinery, and many other items.

Pro-lock is molded from Atofina PPC 9760, an impact copolymer polypropylene. It is UV stabilized and all internal parts are manufactured from stainless steel.

Pro-lock is used in conjunction with PVC coated, multi stranded, galvanized, steel wire, supplied, either cut to the required length, or left on the roll as required. The company manufactures all types of valves lockout including Ball, Gate, Butterfly and Needle valves lockouts, polypropylene seals.

Jiangsu ChangBao Steel Tube Co. Ltd.

Another company we are in partnership with Jiangsu ChangBao Steel Tube Co. Ltd. is one of the biggest seamless steel tube producers' in China. Their products are widely applied in many industries such as boiler, petroleum, chemical, ship building, geology and machinery. They are equipped with the first sets of CPE tube push bench, Stretch-reducing in China, has a hot rolled and a cool-drawn producing line and an oil pipe processing line.

Jiangsu ChangBao Steel Tube Co. Ltd products covers a series of pipes for different functions such as oil wells, boilers, precision machines, geology, ship, petrochemical, structure pipe and line pipes. They have acquired the ISO9001:2000 certificate awarded by the Beijing Grand Honor Management System Co. Ltd. API5L (License no.5CT-0507) and API5L (License no. 5CT-0392) awarded by the American Petroleum Institute, certificate from CCS, and the Steel tube production license used for boiler and pressure container.

One For Instrumentation Ltd

One For Instrumentation Ltd, a UK based manufacturer of Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges and Gas regulators is another company we are in partnership with to provide our clients with the best products. All their gauges are manufactured from stainless steel to the highest quality.

This company also supplies all areas of instrumentation for the measurement or control of pressure, temperature, flow and level throughout the whole world. They also supply all aspects of instrumentation from a simple fitting to a complete control system. Over the years One For Instrumentation Ltd has gained knowledge in all areas of the process industry and can offer a one stop solution to any instrumentation requirements. With over20 years in the field, they company offer product supply, project management and consultancy for the process industry.

Applied Acoustics

The company is a world leader in Underwater Technology with a wide variety of cutting edge products and services including the following:

  1. S-Boom Geophysical Systems (UHR Seismic Surveys)
  2. EasyTrack Alpha (suited for small subsea vehicle operations and basic diver tracking)
  3. Marine Geophysical Products (high voltage geophysical equipments used specifically in sub-bottom profiling applications)
  4. EasyTrack Subsea Tracking (an Ultra Short Base Line (USBL) underwater positioning and tracking system)
  5. Navigation & Positioning Products (subsea acoustic technology for tracking, positioning and navigation)
  6. EasyTrack Nexus (determines position of dynamic subsea targets)

Unaflex is a manufacturer of various types of Marine Hoses, Metal Hoses, Spiral and Wire Braid Hoses, Pump Connectors, Rubber Expansion Joints and Metal Bellows Type Expansion Joints.

kinka Valves

Kinka Kikai International is the manufacturer of Kinka Valves. The company manufactures a wide range of Gate, Globe, Check and Ball valves used in the Refining and Petrochemical industry as well as the Exploration and Production industry as well as in Power generation.

Toro Downhole Tools

Toro Downhole Tools specializes in the sales and rental of downhole drilling equipment for the oil and gas drilling industry. The company's lines of drilling products include:

  1. Drilling Motors (Mud motors)
  2. Motor Optimizers
  3. Shock Tools
  4. Drilling Tars
  5. Downhole Data Loggers
  6. Drilling Tools and Accessories

    Toro Downhole Tools offers nothing short of high performance and reliable drilling tools. The company prides itself in offering unmatched performance, service and support in the downhole tool market.
Applied Acoustics

The company is a world leader in Underwater Technology with a wide variety of cutting edge products and services including the following:

  1. S-Boom Geophysical Systems (UHR Seismic Surveys)
  2. EasyTrack Alpha (suited for small subsea vehicle operations and basic diver tracking)
  3. Marine Geophysical Products (high voltage geophysical equipments used specifically in sub-bottom profiling applications)
  4. EasyTrack Subsea Tracking (an Ultra Short Base Line (USBL) underwater positioning and tracking system)
  5. Navigation & Positioning Products (subsea acoustic technology for tracking, positioning and navigation)
  6. EasyTrack Nexus (determines position of dynamic subsea targets)
Todo Couplings

TODO is the worlds leading manufacturer of DRY-BREAK® couplings. TODO manufactures and supplies couplings, valves and hoses for safe handling of hazardous fluids and gases.

The comapny's product range includes the following

TODO-MATIC® couplings - the first choice for the safe handling of hazardous, valuable or environmentally sensitive media.

TODO-GAS® couplings - the only range available that are specifically designed for the safe transfer of liquefied Propane and Butane

TODO® SAFETY BREAK AWAY couplings - designed specifically to minimise spillage and damage associated with drive / pull away incidents. The coupling automatically senses an excessive load, closes its valves and then permits disconnection

Aviation couplings - the TODO-45 aviation coupling conforming to standard ISO 45, and Hydrant valves.

PTC - Safety Pressure Tight Cap - the TODO® PTC is specifically designed to enhance operator safety and containment security in chemical and gas transport. Designed in close collaboration with leading chemical and gas companies.

BALL VALVES - these lightweight ball valves were the first products to be developed by TODO®. This valve offers obvious weight saving benefits for the road tanker industry but can also be used in a variety of plant applications.

FUEL NOZZLES - the TODO® fuel delivery nozzles are specifically designed to deliver high volumes with total security. Rugged cast aluminium alloy body, high strength swivel and robust handle all help this nozzle to offer reliable long term performance.

API couplings – with Emco Wheaton couplers we can present the most comprehensive range of API couplers available in the market today

SWIVELS - Used mainly to allow free hose movement without imparting torque stresses to the assembly (one of the biggest causes of premature hose failure).

Stephens Worldwide Technical

The company is a full fledged EPC company, they handle a wide range of enigeering, procurment and construction services in different sectors including

  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Energy
  • Power

The company specializes in pre-commissioning and startup personnel to either supplement an existing team or supply individuals to complete a team that focuses on organizing and implementing the successful start-up of power, refinery and petrochemical facilities. The compnay also provide inspectors, construction superintendents, design and procurement specialists, and other discipline experts on a contract basis at very competitive rates. Engineers and Managers to be hired on a project-to-project basis are also available.

Premier Fluid Systems Inc

Premier Fluid Systems Inc. is in the business of marketing and servicing the pumps and systems of Travaini, PVR-Rotant and other quality brand names. The company's product line includes: Single stage liquid ring vacuum pumps, Two-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps, Liquid ring compressors, Rotary vane vacuum pumps, single stage centrifugal pumps, multi-stage centrifugal pumps, multistage self-priming pumps, full engineered vacuum systems and compressors.

The Company has become highly successful in servicing all types of pump makes over the years as well. This is the result of an organizational focus and marketing drive concerned with adaptability, superior customer service and complete know-how of liquid handling and vacuum technology. The Company has progressed and grown since its inception in 1985 to market and service pumps and systems for a variety of industries. Some of these industries include: hospitals, pharmaceuticals, printing and paper converting, food and meat processing, plastics, automotive, wood working, electronics, soil remediation, vapor recovery, drainage, and sterilization.

The headquarters is located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and stocks vast inventory of finished pumps and pump parts. Premier Fluid Systems fabricates or locally procures all ancillary components such as base plates, drives, piping, tanks, etc. whenever needed. The Company designs, assembles and tests complete systems customized specifically to meet the needs of its North American clientele. Qualified and experienced pump engineers together with the support of renowned pump manufacturers enable Premier Fluid Systems to respond to virtually any pumping requirement to handle air, gas or liquids. Service capabilities are offered for all products with the highest level of quality and commitment



Our numerous clients are references to our world class and responsive services. We pride ourselves as not only providing the best in class products and services but also round the clock support on our numerous projects.